After moving from the East and West coasts of the United States, Native Station provides an electric live show from Fort Collins to Denver and beyond with catchy melodies, hard-hitting accompaniment, and soulful ballads that are as visceral as they are insightful.

Even when performing melancholy tunes, Native Station played with pure, unadulterated joy, seemingly elated just to be in front of an audience again. That was on full display when the band played thr Larimer Lounge a few months back. ” - Cleo Mirza

The Group, Inc.

Benton’s vocals are raw with feeling and the percussive drops throughout the record make for a catchy accompaniment to their choruses.”

Hannah Oreskovich, Bolder Beat

Independent Releases

  • Morningstar Drive (2019)
  • Light Frame/Tall Tales EP (2018)
  • shifty.SHIFTY {The Harvest Sessions} LP (2017)
  • Bones 'N All EP (2016)

Notable Festivals Played

  • Winter Walkabout Music Showcase 2019 & 2020
  • FoCoMX 11
  • Larimer County Fair 2019
  • Downtown Boulder Fall Festival 2017

Notable Venues Played


  • Larimer Lounge
  • Lost Lake
  • Globe Hall
  • The Walnut Room


  • Bohemian Biergarten
  • Downtown Boulder Fall Festival


  • The Aggie Theatre
  • Hodi's Half Note
  • Downtown Artery
  • The Colorado Room


  • Dickens Opera House

Press Photos

Tyler Weston Photography

Daughter of the Stars photography